We’d all much rather avoid them, wouldn’t we? But there are giants to battle, walls to overcome and storms to navigate in this life. And - as we’ve all experienced in 2020 - pandemics to deal with too. As we take stock of our own abilities and resources, we are often left feeling that we can’t do it. But even when the odds are overwhelmingly against us, we can look to the God who turns “can’t” into “can”.

In "Can", we will look at Old Testament accounts of God turning “can’t” into “can”. Stories of a great champion, a great wall and a great army. We will look at stories of Jesus’s miracles in the Gospel accounts. Greg will share personal stories and testimonies too.

Along the way, we will explore some simple - yet absolutely vital - principles of faith; principles which we so easily neglect or forget in the midst of our storms and battles.

This book has been written with one primary goal in mind: to encourage and to strengthen your faith in the Lord who can do all things - the God who can turn your “can’t” into “can”.


Just as Daniel Abrahams is about to embark on an overseas adventure, he is arrested at the airport. A package containing heroin has been found in his bag. Daniel has no idea how the package got there.

Erin Matthews, a former public prosecutor, is building her career in a prestigious Durban law firm when she is asked to defend Daniel. Desperate to leave criminal law behind her, she very reluctantly agrees to take his case.

As Erin gets to know Daniel’s family and his Church, she will discover that there is far more at stake than the freedom of an innocent young man.

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